Website Maintenance

Just Like a Car Websites Need Checkups to Run Smoothly

Site Optimization Management (SOM) is that Planned Check Under the Hood
Every website has to perform maintenance. Browsers constantly update and change the rules with changing trends, technology, and guidelines. The best websites have a plan in place to ensure their sites are functioning properly in all browsers and are addressing any update needs and broken links.

JET Advertising offers a wide range of site optimization services.
Site Analytics
Create and review reporting
A/B Page Testing Experiments
Test areas of the site to improve conversions
New Page Suggestions
Target new keywords with fresh pages
Site Back Up
System state back up of database
Renew contracts / check bandwidth & latency
Domain Name Registration
Renew contracts / create subsites
Browser Compatibility
Test site on current browsers
Broken Link Check
Find and fix broken links
Performance Testing
Test & optimize load speeds
Search Engine Submission
Google, Google Places, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, CitySearch, Foursquare,, MerchantCircle
Search Alerts
Keep tabs on online activity about your company
Competition Keyword Analysis
Keyword reporting on two competitor sites