Custom Web Features

Make a Statement with Custom Website Feature Built for Your Needs

The world wide web is constantly changing. There are so many features and components to custom websites out there that most companies get overwhelmed with how to approach designing or redesigning. That's the value of working with JET. You tell us what you want to accomplish and we can direct you to the website features that make sense for your business.

Below is a starter list of JET's Custom Website Features: 

Blog / RSS Feed
Blog posts are a great way for customers to engage with your website. Creating custom content to increase the amount of content on your website increases the probability that Google will show your website. We at JET like to say "Content is King". The more content you have the more traffic you will see on your website.

Contact Forms
Custom built contact forms from JET will help you track conversions on each campaign you run. Contact forms also allow your customers the opportunity to show interest in your business. The next step is contacting customers who have filled out the form to convert them into customers.

Drop Down Navigation
Drop down navigation gives your customers the ability to search through all of the products that your business offers to find exactly what they are looking for, as well as suggestions that may align with their interests.

GEO Targeting
GEO Targeting optimizes your website for conversions based on geographic location and allows you to target specific areas that are showing higher sales. This allows your business to saturate certain markets as well as target campaigns towards geographical areas you have not explored yet.

Interactive Calendar
By embedding an interactive calendar into your custom website you allow your customers, clients, and partners the ability to view all of your upcoming events. You can also add key dates such as business anniversaries and promotions.

Onsite Google Maps
By using onsite Google Maps on your website you can show your location to your customers. This way they can see crossroads as well as an arial view of your location as well as a link with directions to your facility.

Photo Gallery
Adding a photo gallery to your website gives your potential customers a scope of your work. Uploading pictures of your portfolio highlights the quality of your work and gives consumers and accurate depiction of what they can expect from your service.

Slider / Slideshow
Slider images and slideshows on your homepage and throughout your custom website provides a clean and fresh look that will draw consumers eyes. You are also able to portray multiple facets of your business by using images that highlight the different industries you serve or products you provide.

Social Media Feed
Social media has become one of the most popular and least expensive marketing and advertising tools available to all businesses. Inserting your social media feed onto your website gives your consumers more of your businesses content to scroll thorough to learn about your products and services. It also can increase the number of followers and engagements on your social media platforms.

Video Streaming
Live videos are a great way to engage with your customer base and answer questions on the spot. Another avenue for video streaming would be showing your customers how easy it is to use your products with a tutorial from you! This hands-on approach will increase traffic on your webpages.

Whatever Your Company Needs, We Can Build a Custom Website for it!
Depending on the use and functionality that your company needs from your custom website design, some website features may be more or less important than others. For companies looking to improve their organic search results listing, a blog page may be influential in growing the website with keyword rich content. For example, a mortgage company may utilize their blog to answer frequently asked questions about home loans, financing, and mortgage types. On the other hand, a company such as a photographer, wedding venue, or interior designer might rely more heavily on a photo gallery where images tell their story.

Talk to a website expert at JET today to implement website features and increase customer conversions!