Content Management System

The .NET Advantage

JET Advertising not only will make websites that are visually appealing but it will match your businesses brand and image. Our websites are made to navigate with ease whether you are a customer scrolling through the website, or an admin making edits. JET's design goal when creating your custom built website is to target your company's desired customers and push your company's unique selling point. We portray what sets you apart from your competition throughout your site in order to make you stand out. 

JET's team of in-house web developers create a custom built website that fits you and your business. JET stays up-to-date with changes in technology to keep your site running smooth. Every website JET designs goes through rigorous testing ensuring that pages and links on your site are loading quickly and properly. Each Content Management System (CMS) functions properly for as many users your business needs. 

JET goes above and beyond to increase traffic on your website by using SEO and keyword research. We research keywords used on Google to find your business and optimize content with high performing keywords into your website. This increases SEO and Google which will ultimately send potential customers to your site, leading to more quality page visits. 

Easily Update and Manage Your Website Content with CMS!
A Content Management System (CMS) is a software product that allows you and your staff to securely login to your website whenever and update any information such as services, products, blog posts, articles, upcoming events, bios, case studies, testimonials, etc. It helps keep your site up-to-date and relevant, a requirement of any small business or non-profit website. 

Open Source Sites (WordPress, Etc.)
Need a new website on a tight budget? An open source website such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla area all cost effective ways to create a basic platform for clients and customers to learn more about your company. Even though we highly recommend our safe and secure content management system, JET can also build, maintain, and fix any open source website platforms so that we can continue to help your business prosper.

Let JET design a custom website that fits you and your business today!