Keep Your Website Up to Date and Functioning Properly

You want a website company that you can trust with all aspects of your website. JET Advertising's unique advantage in website work is that we are experts in all 3 areas of website work: design, function, and optimization

It is important to design a site that both matches current web trends, and provides clean navigation. Your new website should be designed to match your company brand. Just like the rest of your company’s marketing materials it must target your consumer and push your company’s unique selling position. Because JET is a full-service advertising agency we have strong marketing principles that we incorporate into every website design.

Ensure Your Website Consistently Meets Search Engine Standards

The best designed sites are useless if they don’t function properly. There is a constant stream of changes in technology, browser capabilities, and website functions. Because our team is consistently staying up to date with the changing world wide web you can be confident that your new site will function properly for the enormous variety of users out there. 

Each site development goes through rigorous testing to be sure it will work properly for your customer. Plus, a website’s functionality is only as good as long as you have a registered domain name and secure hosting plan which is the first item on JET’s web development agenda.

You want your new website to be visited. Potential customers are out looking for your product and they find what they are looking for by using search engines. The better your site is built for search engine optimization the more quality visits your site will receive. SEO rules and tactics change all the time, so it is important to take a comprehensive approach to maintaining your website. By researching keywords, optimizing on-page relevance, and increasing your overall site authority you can be sure to grab your fair share of your target market.

From Landing Pages to Dynamic Website Development

By concentrating on all three phases of website development, JET Advertising will create a top-notch website for your company. Each website service comes with a unique set of challenges and each should be catered to your business’s needs. We start by listening to your goals and then we consult with you on which website services to implement and how to approach each.

Our Website Services

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