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Integrity is Evident

The H Foundation would like to express tremendous gratitude and appreciation for all you've done for us throughout the past 13 years. From Eblasts and a website to printed materials you have lent your expertise to ensure our success.

Your efforts have helped The H Foundation achieve great success, having raised over $4.5 million for basic science cancer research since 2001. We could not have achieved that without such a trustworthy and dependable resource such as the team at JET.

As a non-profit who seeks trust and transparency in all of our relationships, your JET Advertising team is beyond compare. Your integrity is evident in the professional way you conduct business and in the exceptionally creative products you develop. THANK YOU for your professionalism, integrity and talent. Cheers to continued success!

by Kate Harken - 12/5/2017

Recommend to Anyone Who Needs Help with Advertising

I am very happy with the level of service that I have come to expect from the JET Advertising team. They have helped my company grow by guiding me with the allocation of my ad budget. I have seen my business thrive through the advertising efforts and I’ve gotten tons of compliments on the website that they designed for us. I am so thankful to them and would recommend them to anyone who needs help with advertising.

by Jim Cirrincione - 11/28/2017

A Plan that made the Process Effortless

Having a new website built can be intimidating for any business owner.  I struggled to find the time and worried about the cost.  JET Advertising took the project and ran with it. They were able to create a budget within my means and a plan that made the process effortless.  Their devotion to creating an easy to maneuver, attractive site not only made my company look great, but also increased our annual revenue. Money well spent!

by Ron Kappas - 12/5/2017

Superb Attention to Detail

I needed one company for multiple advertising projects. JET Advertising did an amazing job at handling everything I needed. From signage and posters to displays and printed pieces their attention to detail was superb.  JET was very easy to work with and delivered everything in a timely manor. Working with JET was such a great decision. I love my new logo and new website! I have already been getting more traffic and that is very exciting! I couldn't have done it without them.

by Lynda Pappas - 12/5/2017

Grown Our Market Tremendously

We’ve had a great relationship with JET Advertising. They’ve done a lot of our creative work and did our original website. About six months ago [in 2013] they redid our website for us, both the look and the content and its just been an amazing transformation and change. On a daily basis now we get people coming in and saying that they have been Googling us and they are finding us from all over. So it’s grown our market tremendously. We have people coming from a much larger radius around our store locations than we’ve had in the past. We have people finding us that have never found us before and it’s truly just based on the changes they have done to our website. I can’t say enough positive things about the work they’ve done, about their integrity, and about what an amazing partner they are to our business.

by John Rot - 12/5/2017

Excellent sounding board for any marketing related activities

Working with Jet Advertising added a layer of efficiency to our marketing endeavors. With their guidance and support, we were able to move forward some critical projects.  We had initially rejected television and streaming advertisements as too costly, but Jet negotiated affordable pricing and increased the viewing range of the ads for very little extra expense. They also suggested pay per click advertising rather than banners ads, redesigned our landing page and strengthened our SEO. Finally, they were an excellent sounding board for any marketing related activities.

by Lynn Martin - 1/25/2018

Guarantees us good attention and good communication

JET has done a very good job for us, and Jason being the owner of a smaller agency guarantees us good attention and good communication, and his team has been on top of things as well.

by Mark Pritikin - 1/25/2018