Oak Lawn Park District Website

Client: Oak Lawn Park District


Industry: Park District

Oak Lawn Park District’s website built by JET gives them the ability to keep residents of Oak Lawn up to date with reminders for special events as well as town-wide news. The responsive web design allows for quick load time of their website and ease of use. An announcement bar was added as an addition to their homepage so that Oak Lawn Park District has the ability to highlight crucial information that all residents need to know. A custom-built event calendar was installed to showcase upcoming events and activities within Oak Lawn. A file manager was installed to give OLPD the ability to load PDF’s onto the website so that visitors may download the PDF. This allows visitors to access things such as park maps, registration forms, and monthly event calendars.

JET built a robust page type to manage the parks and facilities pages to allow visitors to see a map with detailed locations of each facility and park as well as information on what visitors can expect in these parks. We also included detailed staff information for visitors to contact the correct staff member to answer any questions they may have before visiting or booking an event. Oak Lawn Park District’s complex sitemap allows for detailed content to be added to each page to enhance SEO and Google Search Ranking. A blog page was added so that OLPD can create new content with current events and activities as well as Oak Lawn News to increase SEO and enhance visitor’s website experience.

Project Type Services 
  • Web Design And Development
  • Consultation
  • Graphic Design
  • Responsive Website Design

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