Ribfest Announcement Eblast

Client: Ribfest

Location: Naperville & Romeoville

Industry: Non-Profit


Ribfest has many moving parts to make their annual concert and rib fundraiser a success, and one of the many cogs in their marketing plan is creating eblasts that are engaging and excite people to attend. JET Advertising used Ribfest’s MailChimp account to create enticing emails that included an eye-catching header image, different layouts and visuals, and strong copy and call-to-actions. The announcement eblast that JET Advertising sent reached over 16,000 people with a 48% open rate and 22.1% click through rate. This campaign was incredibly successful and encouraged users to share with friends and family and sign up for band announcements.

Project Type Services 
  • Internet Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting

E-blasts are a great way to communicate with former and potential clients and increase page visits.

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