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Radio Advertising

Secure Your Radio Spot

Radio advertising can be effective in creating a memorable advertising campaign through the use of a jingle or a creative commercial people will remember. JET Advertising has the experience to help you produce an unforgettable radio spot.

An important part of radio advertising is putting together a cost-effective radio schedule to promote your business and increase your revenue. In order to do this, an advertising agency must have a thorough knowledge of your market’s radio stations in regard to their costs, reach, and demographics. JET Advertising not only has this knowledge, but also has the relationships to get you the best rates and commercial packages.

Radio advertising also offers great event marketing opportunities to drive traffic to your business. With live radio promotions, the radio station goes to your business with a DJ and a promotions team to create a fun event promoted live on the air to drive people to your business. Radio stations also offer many opportunities to tie into concerts and sports events, which are good for both branding and immediate revenue generation.

WBBM Radio - WGN Radio

Case Study

When a client of ours expressed interest in radio advertising to reach highly qualified leads, we immediately got to work. We identified local radio stations with audiences that fit our target demographics. After that, we negotiated carefully to ensure our clients got the most benefit for the lowest price. We maintained creative control of the process, working closely with our client to develop an engaging and unique script. Upon airing, we monitored web traffic and leads as well as provided feedback to our clients to see a tangible return on their investment. 

Married Couple Spot:

Realtor Spot:

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