Sales Promotions

JET Can Plan and Execute Engaging Promotional Marketing Strategies

When marketing is at its best, it not only builds brand recognition, but it also directly leads to more revenue through the effective use of sales promotions. Look at really successful companies like Kohl’s and Walmart. They are constantly using product promotions to drive traffic into their stores. The best promotions are varied and provide a strong cost savings to the customer. A varied promotional campaign keeps your message from getting stale. JET Advertising can work all aspects of your promotion — from concept, to promotions, to event planning. We can get your business the positive attention you need in creative and effective ways.

Coupons, Social Media, Sales Collateral, Give-Aways & Contests
Promotions are a great way to get instant appeal on both products and services. Coupons, sales, giveaways and contests are all effective promotional vehicles to drive traffic to your website, store or sales center. A promotional campaign that provides a good cost savings will obviously be more successful in attaining customers who will ideally turn into return customers. So what works and what doesn't work? A good advertising agency with lots of experience with promotions can help you with this. JET Advertising has a proven track record of helping clients come up with promotional campaigns that have increased their revenue. It's all about creativity and experience. We know what has worked for people in the past and we have the creative people to come up with great ideas specific to your needs.

Learn how JET can make an impactful promotional campaign for you today.