Message & Voice

JET Can Boost Your Brand with a Strong Voice and a Clear message.

Creating well-written messaging that your marketing teams can draw from when writing a brochure, social media ad, or sales collateral, helps establish a strong consistent brand from all advertising avenues. Building your character & identity, unique selling point, credibility & trust.

JET Advertising can help add personality to your brand by developing a repetitive clear sense of purpose that defines your presence as a company and establishes your voice and tone.

What is Voice, Tone, and Message?

  • Voice - It is your story. The consistent and unchanging message, the personality and character of the company/brand.
  • Tone - Creating the expression and inflection of emotion of your voice depending where the message is (media) and who is listening (audience) – digital, social, retail, and traditional marketing.
  • Message Map - Utilizing your voice and tone with keywords and phrases that speak in a consistent and powerful way about your brand story.


Defining the way you speak to your audience through the written word can be a challenge, but JET Advertising is here to help!