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If your website is not ranking high in the major online search engines, your company is invisible to potential customers. SEM (search engine marketing) combines coding, content and strategy to give your website the maximum visibility to your target audience. JET Advertising offers competitive pricing and high value! Our company takes pride in offering targeted, specific strategies to give you the best results.

Most pay per click companies will add a surcharge to every keyword you purchase. We are different. We only charge you for the time we spend managing your account. So why pay more for keywords than you should? Our focus for the campaign is also different than many SEM management companies. JET Advertising's number one goal for your pay per click program is to get conversions. Do you care how many impressions (number of times your ad appears on a screen) your campaign gets if no one clicks on your ad? Do you care how many clicks you get to your site if no one ever contacts you? What really matters is getting more business out of your SEM program. A conversion is someone that clicked on your ad, called you, made a purchase, or filled out a contact form. Isn't a conversion worth more to you than just a click to your site?

Car manufacturers have been working on fuel efficient vehicles with the goal of getting more out of each gallon of gas. This is similar to JET's approach to your pay per click program. Our goal is to get you the most conversions possible with your ad spend budget.

Pay-per-click leads are pre qualified. These potential customers have typed in the keyword that is relevant to your business, and then clicked on a link to your website. These site visitors are literally searching for what you offer.

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