Do You Standout in a World Full of Fitness Industries?

The fitness industry has become incredibly broadened in the last few years. Yoga and yoga studios have seen an increase in popularity to levels rarely seen before. Yoga is being added into daily routines, integrated into gym classes, and being practiced in the public eye. The increase in population has been great for the yoga industry and for yoga studios; however, the marketplace has been saturated and very, very competitive in the last few years. With the growing presence of social media and “fitness stars” online, it has been very hard to stand out amongst the crowd.

JET Advertising has experience working with yoga studios and helping those clients set themselves apart. We know that utilizing different mediums to reach your local customers is crucial for success. Having “tunnel vision” on your yoga studio’s marketing campaigns can be a huge mistake. Our full-service marketing team helps our yoga clients develop marketing plans, custom built websites, utilize Facebook and other social media outlets, run Google Ads, and design eye-catching marketing pieces.

JET Advertising has worked with several websites to connect to third-party software such as MindBody. Without a team that understands all aspects of these integrations, websites can be a huge failure and become a huge headache for your yoga studio. Your website not only has to integrate well for your existing students, but also be incredibly well organized for new students to find the classes they want to join. Most of these new students are going to be finding you on a mobile device.

Responsive website design ensures that customers can see your class, apparel, and teaching offerings regardless of device or device size. Integrating third-party software incorrectly can lead to a horrible user experience on mobile or different sized devices which can reflect poorly on your yoga studio.

See how JET Advertising can help your yoga studio stand out from the rest.