The Quick Changing Landscape of Personal Training and Coaching

The level of competition in the fitness and personal training industry has seen an increase in competition over the last 5 years. Competition has drastically increased with the popularity of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites; mediums which have grown at historical rates.

With the popularity of these websites, people and companies have been able to easily get content out to a large audience. For personal training and coaching, it has been a huge opportunity to offer services that customers used to only be able to get by going to a gym or workout location. So how does your personal training brand stand out among the competitors in your area? It is very important to have a marketing strategy that takes advantage of a well-built website, digital marketing outlets, and traditional marketing efforts.

JET Advertising has helped personal trainers and fitness coaches work on Facebook ad campaigns, Instagram videos, well designed referral materials, and customer websites with focused SEO efforts to drive new clients. Without a focus on conversions to gain new clients, it is very easy to waste a marketing budget.

JET will also develop a custom website to engage your new customers. Websites that are built on a template model or third-party platform often lack many fundamentals when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). These template options or third-party websites want to keep you limited in your customization so you continue to pay them month over month and rely on their system.

Using a custom-built website allows you to be completely secure and not rely on other companies and developers to update your website features. Custom website design and marketing plans constantly prove that they allow for better control of your personal training company and produce better results that out of the box solutions. .

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