Setting Your Website Up for Success

In today’s marketplace for online and phone apps, hoping to be found randomly can be a fool’s errand when there are literally millions of online apps that are competing for everyone's attention. Without a marketing strategy to stand out in the crown, the odds of success for your online app is greatly reduced.

JET Advertising has experience in helping online apps and phone apps reduce their reliance on Google Play and the App Store. Both application stores have a fairly random algorithm which reduces the likelihood that new, unpopular, or un-advertised apps will end up at the top of a list. We believe that a better approach to success is to put together a marketing plan with a solid mix of digital marketing, custom website development, and well-structured messaging. Using your website as a hub for your online app and marketing allows you to reach customers directly in order to gain more information on your app and track R.O.I. on your marketing efforts.

JET Advertising’s experience with custom website designing and building has proven to be a huge advantage for online apps and phone apps. When you can target the correct audience, with the correct keywords, and the correct information, it can be very, very powerful. Instead of hoping for a chance on Google Play or Apple’s App Store, you can take your app’s success into your own hands and build a great website for your online app. It is the first step in a very strategic, long-term marketing plan.

Let JET Advertising help plan your future marketing strategy!