Planning Your Marketing Message Through Seasonality

As a nursery, it is very important to plan your marketing message so that it is appropriate for changes throughout the year. Seasonality is a very important factor in certain businesses, and a nursery business can suffer greatly if it is not planning for it accordingly. Part of planning for your nursery’s year is a strategic marketing approach.

JET Advertising has experience working with nurseries and garden centers to establish a solid marketing plan that accounts for as many aspects as possible. During the winter months, you most likely have more free to time plan for the busy season. JET Advertising has the knowledge to help you plan a content calendar, a marketing strategy, and website updates.

It is very important to have a different message for your nursery if it is early spring vs. entering into fall. We can help you develop the graphic design imagery, the content, and the marketing message for all year. As an owner, you will have less on your plate to worry about while you are running your business.

Many website companies rely on pre-made templates to build websites. For your nursery, this is probably not the best option for the long term. If a marketing company works with hundreds of nurseries or garden centers on a template approach, your website may look slightly different and have your logo, but you could have pages and pages of duplicate content.

Duplicate content is just what it sounds like. Reused or similar content is penalized by Google penalizes, so is very important to make sure that your content is unique to your business. Without unique content, your website could be at a huge disadvantage up against your competitors.

Our marketing experts can help generate more revenue!