Does Your Website Help You Stand Out in Heavy Competition?

JET Advertising has experience in setting up marketing systems that auto-update to make your life easier. We have worked with movie theaters to set up e-blasts that update automatically as soon as the weekly movie times are updated within your website. This ensures that, after the movie times are entered, all of your customers will receive an e-blast with accurate new movie times. Our team of marketing professionals has helped streamline marketing efforts including social media marketing, website building, Google Ads, Facebook ads, and other digital marketing efforts for movie theaters.

The biggest mistake that a company can make when building a new website presence is not taking into consideration important keyword combinations via keyword research so that customers find you when they search for your service. A movie theater website needs to show up on all devices and phones when someone searches for “movie times near me.” It is very important to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) when starting any website build or website redesign.

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