Thriving in a Hyper-Competitive Legal World

Did you know that some of the most expensive keywords on Google Ads are in the legal world? The legal industry is one of the most competitive in the world; in part because of the amount of money at stake. Firms and practices know the value of class action lawsuits and other cases, so they are willing to spend a lot on marketing to get those cases and leads.

Most of these highly competitive practices are used in the injury and workers compensation cases but the competitive nature of the legal world does not stop there. Real estate, trusts, bankruptcy, DUI, and other practices like criminal defense are all saturated with competition as well.

How do you separate your own law firm or practice from the competition? JET Advertising has a lot of experience working with law firms and helping legal practices stand out among the crowd. There are a lot of ways to implement cost effective marketing strategies that can allow even small law firms to stand out to local audiences.

For many law firms and lawyers, referrals are the lifeline of their business. When a lawyer can produce a positive outcome for a client, it can lead to several referrals to potential new clients. Those new clients’ value is unknown until it happens. You never know what kind of case or lawsuit could arise from one referral.

This is one of the hidden values of marketing that many lawyers do not realize. JET Advertising has helped many clients with custom website designs, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, brochures, digital marketing, and other traditional marketing efforts. Our marketing team focuses on conversions. Each conversion could be your next great referral source.

How Much is a New Client Worth to Your Law Practice?