Attracting Corporate and Private Guests to Your Hotel

JET Advertising understands that hotels, both independent and boutique, operate in a very chain dominated market. When national and global hotel chains have million-dollar marketing budgets, it can seem impossible to compete when it comes to digital and traditional marketing avenues.

Luckily, our team has the experience to know that the statement above is not always accurate. When it comes to digital marketing efforts, we know the correct tactics to help local hotels gain market share. Through custom websites, social media and Facebook Ads, Google Ads on the Google Network, and concentrated 3rd party partnerships, it is possible to see huge returns on your marketing ad spend.

If your goal is to create more revenue from corporate and business travel, you need to focus on those audiences. Learning more about who is responding to your marketing is crucial in capitalizing on your most efficient methods of lead conversions. If you are not doing in depth reporting on your marketing efforts, you could be missing opportunities and using your budget on the wrong target audience.

JET Advertising provides a target audience report and marketing plans for success!