Ensure Your Customers Find Your Business Credible with Reputable Marketing

In the home repair and remodeling industry, it is extremely important that outward appearances with your projects make a good impression on potential customers. If these customers see your work and like it, they are more likely to trust you to make the necessary repairs on their own homes. With this important element in mind, JET Advertising knows how essential it is that your marketing and branding are consistent. By having a cohesive design throughout all your advertising platforms, customers will get to know your business better and consider the business to be successful and reputable.

JET Advertising starts every website design for companies in the home repair and remodeling industry with a kickoff meeting so that we can get to know you better. We learn more about the color schemes and fonts that your business prefers, what images you'd like your target audience to recognize when they think of you, and what your overall goals are for the project. From there, our graphic designers get to work pulling all of your visions together so that the website exceeds your expectations and engages potential customers.

With a strong and healthy website design up and running, your home repair and remodeling business will begin to see more organic traffic from individuals searching specifically for your services. JET Advertising can supplement these searches with a Google Ads campaign. We write creative content for your Google Search Ads that draw in your target demographics and encourage them to contact you and schedule an appointment. We can also connect with similar users on Facebook who are interested in this industry. Facebook Ads allows us to target demographics of people based on their interests which means you'll get prequalified leads.

Jumpstart your digital marketing and website with the help of JET Advertising!