Are You Using Consistent Messaging?

Home builders, home remodelers, and other home service companies have a big opportunity every time they come in contact with a potential customer. In a highly competitive, high-ticket industry, your website needs to be set up to operate as an online salesperson that generates new leads and brings in potential customers on its own. The only way to ensure that your website is highly effective is to focus on all three aspects of a website: design, development, and search engine optimization. If any of these three steps is done incorrectly, your website's message can suffer greatly.

When it comes to design, your website needs to be visually appealing with well-organized content in order to prevent potential customers from quickly bouncing from your website. Developing your website on a solid platform is also crucial; a website built on a platform that loads slowly, or is at risk of not being live can be another huge mistake. One of the most important steps is incorporating search engine optimization (SEO). Doing keyword research and examining trends is a great way to ensure that customers end up on your website. If you don’t show up when someone searches a relevant keyword or phrase (i.e. “home remodel near me), then your website is failing.

With the potential number of different touch points that home builders and companies in the home services industry have, it can be easy to lose focus of consistency. In the marketing game, consistency is key. If a potential customer is receiving mixed messages from your company, it can easily lead to confusion or loss of business. From the first time to the last time a customer sees your website, marketing collateral, digital ads, or print materials, it is incredibly important that they understand your main message and what your business can do to solve their problem. Whether it is a new home, a new addition to their house, or a window project - a potential lead needs to know who you are, what you do, and how you do it.

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