Standing Out Online in the Fitness Industry

IThe level of competition in the fitness and gym industry has drastically scaled up in the last few years, reaching levels that have never been seen before. This competition has come from the exponential growth of social media, the popularity of YouTube, and the reduced barriers of entry to providing content online.

How do you stand out among the extreme number of local competitors? JET Advertising has worked with gyms to fix this marketing problem. Our team has experience creating custom marketing strategies across different mediums. JET has helped gyms and fitness companies create successful Facebook ad campaigns, establish Google ad (PPC) campaigns, build custom websites, develop software integrations, design custom marketing pieces, and start strong search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

One of the best ways to grow your client base is to encourage your current network of customers to spread the word about your gym organically. JET Advertising has helped many clients develop strong referral programs to increase business. These programs bring new business to your door by incentivizing your already happy customers.

Building a strong loyalty program is one of the most effective ways to grow your business naturally without having to spend a lot on marketing. The email lists that your website should be capturing, and your current clients, are the most valuable assets that your gym has. Your marketing and outreach efforts should be focused on these lists at the start. It is a very simple step in the right direction to growing your business!

Let JET Advertising help you get the ball rolling on making great use of your biggest assets today!