Working with a Christian-Owned Marketing Company

Gaining exposure throughout the local community is a very basic way to attract new members to your church, your religious school, and your church programs. Basic marketing principles teach us that the more a ‘product’ is seen, the more it will get recalled. The same marketing principles that apply to private businesses also apply to churches. It is important to have enough financial income to be able to operate all of your services, programs, and events. The big difference between entities like churches and private business is how much is made.

A lot of churches rely on member donations, revenues from schools and programs, or weekly offerings as a large chunk of their public-funded income. Having a well thought out marketing plan can help increase those funds. These marketing campaigns do not have to be a hard sell, as if your church is a private business, but can use creative messaging to connect in a different way.

JET Advertising has a Christian belief system through and through. From a Christian owner to its employees, we have a core set of principles that leads us to operate under one main principle: integrity. Unfortunately, in the marketing world, there are not a lot of website, marketing, or SEO companies who operate with integrity. At JET Advertising, we believe that every client should receive full transparency and feel that they received what they paid for.

With years of experience working with churches, JET Advertising understands the important principles that resonate with public church attendees, and can help you formulate your marketing plan today!

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