The Dangers of Working With an ‘Industry Expert’

Car dealerships have a very unique challenge when it comes to marketing and website building. It is simply that most marketing companies and advertising companies lump everyone into the same category. Because of that, there have been hundreds of companies that just focus on “car dealership marketing systems.” These systems can seem appealing, but often end up wasting a lot of your marketing budget.

By opting in to working with a “car industry expert,” you may end up in the same programmatic approach that all of your competitors are using as well. In that situation, how do you get a chance to set yourself apart? The answer is that you probably don’t. These types of traps are present for a lot of industries, but it seems to be abundantly apparent with car dealerships and new car sales. The better option is to take a custom approach to your marketing strategy. Companies that treat your dealership as an individual can come up with ways to get a lot more out of your marketing budget.

The biggest issue we see with car dealership marketing is not focusing on a local level. Competing with national brands often proves to be a waste of marketing budget. You need to focus on your geographic area and a very specific message. Applying calculated changes in your marketing approach can make a huge difference.JET Advertising has the experience necessary to help you stand out among the crowd, and focus on your local audience. Advertising on a large scale might not be feasible for everyone, so it is important to target your realistic customer base.

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