What New Revenue is Your Marketing Effort Bringing In?

With the evolution of social media and people’s ability to reach potential clients, the beauty industry has become more competitive than ever. Beauty salons and barbers used to only have to worry about competition on a local level, from brick and mortar stores. That is no longer the case. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other online mediums have expanded the competition to levels never seen before.

What does this mean for your salon? It means that gaining new clients takes more creativity and marketing strategy than ever before. Is your website easy for new clients to schedule an appointment? Is your social media presence consistent with a good marketing mix? Do your existing clients have an incentive for referrals? All of these marketing efforts can seem daunting as a beauty, nail, hair, or spa owner; however, it is worth the time to revamp your digital marketing efforts, your website, and your traditional marketing materials.

JET Advertising has years of experience working with beauty and hair salons. We have helped those clients boost their businesses through unique and custom marketing plans. We know that a solid marketing mix and monitoring results can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Reporting and analyzing marketing efforts is often something that falls by the wayside because owners of beauty salons are too busy running the day-to-day business. Our full-service marketing team utilizes data to make decisions on what marketing mediums are performing well and bringing in new customer conversions.

JET Advertising determines which marketing efforts are working to bring in new valuable clients.