Building Your Tax and Accounting Network Through More Than Referrals

During tax season, the workload that falls onto CPAs, tax professionals, and small tax business owners is almost second to none. Working 80 hour weeks is not uncommon, but you can still feel like you are falling behind. With that going on, how can a tax professional or accountant possibly focus on bringing on new clients or creating a new marketing strategy? It is crucial that your website, digital marketing efforts, and networking work for you in that time.

With a marketing plan that does the work for you, you can focus on your clients and your business. Bookkeeping, internal audits, and consistent B2B work is crucial during the non-tax part of the year. A well-built custom website can serve as an online sales-person 24/7, every single day. Websites that are built with a strong focus on search engine optimization (SEO) will be found consistently by potential clients when they search for relevant terms. As a tax or accounting professional, your website needs to show up when someone searches for “CPA near me”. 

JET Advertising works with tax and accounting firms, so we understand the specifics of the industry. With a custom marketing plan, you can have a strategy to reach different customer bases at different times throughout the year. When you bring on a new client, you start a brand new branch of the referral tree. That single accounting or tax client could refer your services to two other partners. The importance of a solid marketing plan falls in the truth that you never know how valuable one new client will prove to be.

Without the experience that JET Advertising has, some marketing companies might turn to simple template options that simply won’t work if they plug you into their system without any thought. Don’t fall for the industry specific plans that all of your competitors might be on as well.

Let JET Advertising help you get the ball rolling today!