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To properly brand your company, it is crucial for your collateral to be of the highest quality design. Effective collateral must all be part of a cohesive unit that goes together. JET Advertising enjoys the challenge of designing collateral that exudes professionalism and quality.


Stationery includes business cards, letterhead, envelopes, thank you cards, packing slips, invoices and more. Your business cards are very often the first impression that your company makes. As they say, you can't make a first impression a second time. And your letterhead and thank you cards may stay around someones office for awhile. Make it so that every time someone sees your collateral they are impressed by the design of it. Because they will transfer those thoughts to your company, assuming your company is one of quality. 

Sales Materials

Sales material normally includes presentation folders and inserts. There are also single page sales sheets, flyers, handouts and rack cards. For sales materials that require more information, multi page formats include brochures, trifolds, bifolds, booklets and pamphlets. At year end, many companies may also create annual reports or calendars. Product based companies also require catalogs, price lists and order forms.

Printed and Marketing Material 

The brochure is a critical part of a marketing plan. Quite often it is the leave behind after you meet with a customer or it is the piece a customer takes with them after visiting your business. The brochure is the lasting impression your potential customer has for you. It must make a great impression for your company. Learn more about JET's Printed and Marketing Materials 

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