Remarketing Campaigns

Encourage Repeat Customers with Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the best advertising decisions that businesses can choose to do. Remarketing encourages people who have previously bought a product or service from a business or engaged with their website / social media in some way to become a repeat customer. It is very beneficial to most businesses because it builds brand loyalty and also improves sales.

Many internet users will make a purchase or submit contact information for a lead and be happy with the product or service that they receive. However, some users will then go on and buy a product or service from a different business in the same industry rather than repeating the process with the former business that they were happy with. It is at this point in the sale process where it is essential to continue advertising, or remarketing, to this audience in order for a business to maintain loyal customers and repeat buyers.

Facebook Remarketing
One simple way to remarket to past customers or users who previously engaged with your business is through social media. Facebook offers easy and effective ways to target specific audiences. One of these ways is to connect with people who like a company's Facebook page, engage with their posts and ads, and even target those users who have previously visited the businesses website and made a purchase or submitted a contact form. Another great thing about remarketing on Facebook is that it is affordable for any budget and extremely effective at getting results.

Google Remarketing
JET Advertising also manages remarketing campaigns on Google Ads. As a Google Partner, we have the knowledge and strategies to make a Google Remarketing campaign a success. Like Facebook, Google has audience targeting features in which we can pull data about users who previously engaged with a businesses website, made a purchase, or submitted a contact form. We can target these audiences with ad copy specific to them and call them to action with messages like "buy again." Reconnecting with previous customers to maintain brand loyalty catches them right at the spot where they are doing their product or service searching: Google.

We help you build brand loyalty with effective remarketing strategies.