Are You Showing Up on the Map?

For businesses with storefronts and walk-in locations, it is extremely important that Google My Business is set up so that potential customers can find you. When customers are familiar with your brand or know exactly the type of product or service that they are looking for, having a Google My Business account allows Google to connect you with potential sales without having to spend any ad budget.

JET Advertising is a local search engine marketing agency. Our digital marketing team has years of experience setting up and maintaining Google My Business accounts for our clients. Whether your company is newly formed or centuries old, we can help improve your online presence by simply establishing you on the map. This connects you with people around your business looking for the products and services you offer and makes it easy for them to contact or visit you.

Google My Business setup is an important step in JET Advertising's branding and website development process. We know how important it is to get your company's name out there, and we work hard to help you see the results. Once your branding and website have been created, we use Google My Business to tell Google important information about your company such as your address, phone number, and website so that customers can find you online. This platform even allows your customers to leave reviews which shows other potential customers how great working with or buying from your company is!

Make sure that new and old customers alike can find and contact your business through Google!