Market Your Products Online with Paid and Organic Ads

Google has streamlined the way many businesses think about selling their products online. Many businesses rely on display banner ads to remarket to audiences who have previously visited their website. With a Google Merchants Account, however, businesses are now able to directly advertise their products both in a Google Shopping Ads campaign and organically on the search results page of the search engine's shopping tab.

In order for a Google Merchants Account to be highly effective, JET Advertising must provide solid information and descriptions about the products to be advertised either paid or organically. A template tells Google specific information about the product such as the product ID that you use to categorize it within your business, the product's name and description, how much a business charges for shipping and tax, etc. Each month, Google requires that this information is reviewed and approved so that they can display the most up-to-date products from your inventory to people who are likely to make a purchase.

While Google Merchants Accounts make it very easy to make sure that your company's products are being seen online, the parameters and upcoming of this platform can be time-consuming for an already busy business. JET Advertising is a Google Partner, which means that our digital marketing team is highly qualified to handle the setup and upkeep of your Google Merchants Account. We have years of experience using search engine marketing to sell the products of our clients.

JET Advertising can help you set up your Google Merchants Account.