Utilizing the Worlds’ Top Social Media Platform for Your Business

This is the perfect platform to not only raise your brand awareness but to take your business to new heights. With Facebook’s new and improved business/ad manager, our digital marketing specialists can use their expertise to increase your companies’ leads, sales and overall social media presence all in one place. Within Facebook Business Manager, our digital marketing team tracks the performance of your content through analytics and is able to monitor and make any changes as needed.

Benefits of Using Facebook for Marketing
Did you know that Facebook has over 2.6 billion users every single month? Yes, that’s right – that’s roughly 31 billion per year! Facebook is where your future consumers populate and should be at the top of every businesses’ marketing strategy. When it comes to Facebook marketing, one major advantage is that you are able to boost your posts and advertisements. This is a great way to reach a much larger and specified audience and is a huge advantage if you are noticing declines in your organic reach. This ultimately gives your posts/ads the opportunity to land in the right hands. Not only this, but these potential consumers will also have the opportunity to share your content – which creates yet another marketing pool for your business.

Our social media marketing agency has the expertise and resources that local businesses rely on to boost their Facebook marketing strategy. From monthly reporting to content creation and management, JET Advertising’s Facebook marketing team can help your social media efforts soar.

It’s time to expand your business with the worlds’ most leading social platform.