Email Marketing

Easily Reach Your Customers Right in Their Inbox

There is no better way to connect with your target audience than right at the source--their inbox. With a digital marketing e-blast campaign, you can do just that. Everyone has their email right at their fingertips with mobile phone applications. Not only is email marketing affordable, easy to track, and effective, but it quickly engages your customers so that they convert.

To grow awareness about new happenings in your business, offer promotions, or generate sales, JET’s graphic design team has the tools to develop a strong email marketing strategy for your business. Whether or not your emails have a regular schedule, JET Advertising can develop unique and custom content for each type of e-blast that your company needs.

Drip Campaigns
Within email marketing, JET also has developed Drip Campaigns that reach your prospects and clients with repetitive marketing actions. This process is to send marketing information repeatedly over a long period of time. For example, the first e-blast will often contain a promotion or call to action to entice your target audience to engage with your business. If that email is unopened or ignored, a follow up email will be sent (about a week later) that will recap what was offered in the previous email. If that email is also unopened or ignored, a month later an e-blast will be sent reminding the target audience about the benefits of working with or buying from your business. In this manner, a drip campaign can be extended or shortened to provide the most benefit and keep your company at the forefront of the target audience’s mind.

Don't Miss Out on Direct Connections with Customers.