Be Seen Where Your Customers Browse

One of the best parts about search engine marketing is the option to connect with your target audience on the websites that they already browse daily. Banner ads are the ads at the top or side panels of a website that host these advertising features. Often, they display impactful images with a small amount of text created to spark interest in the viewer to click through to a company's website.

Banner ad placement should match your customer's demographics. A good banner ad design is a critical component of a successful online advertising campaign. However, with so many users experiencing 'banner blindness' it is harder than ever to get your banner ad noticed. JET Advertising's team of Google Ads experts know how to find the best placements for your banner ads. We know that visibility for your business is important with banner ads, but our goal is to also improve sales.

Banner ads from JET Advertising are an affordable and eye-catching way to execute your brand message, so you can drive more brand awareness and website visits from your online display advertising. Our team of designers builds your ads with your marketing goals and brand message in mind to maximize their impact with your target consumers.

Keep your brand visible on sites that your target audience frequently uses.