Visual Identity

Bring Your Brand to the Next Level.

Now that you have your brand guidelines (logo, message, and voice), it’s time to take your marketing to the next level by successfully executing your brand strategy. In order to capture the attention of your customers, you need to execute your brand in a unique and powerful way. Your company's brand is the image you convey to the world. Your visual identity lays the groundwork for all of your marketing communications, from sales tools and collateral, to advertising and public relations.

The visual identity of your brand should feel familiar to your audience, therefore producing trust. Creating an easy recall of your brand by choosing the right logo, fonts, color scheme, and photos that speak as a clear visual voice for your business, without saying a word.

Your Visual Identity should be:

  • Appropriate to your business type
  • Distinctive to your story
  • Simple to identify

Building a visual identity sounds like a huge obstacle to overcome, but JET Advertising can help you. Taking abstract ideas and transforming them into a visual identity that can endure and work in many applications, gaining power over time.

JET Advertising can help you combine strategy and design with purpose and meaning.