Marketing Collateral

Printed Marketing Materials that will Boost Your Business

When it comes to designing brochures, JET Advertising's graphic designers have won awards time after time for designing the best brochures you can get. The brochure is a critical part of a marketing plan. Quite often it's left behind after meeting with a customer or it's the piece a customer takes with them after visiting your business. The brochure is the lasting impression your potential customer has for you and it must make a great impression. The information in the brochure is as important as the look. The information must tell your story in an easily readable and engaging manner. We have experienced copywriters at JET Advertising that can help make this content the best it can be.

Full color catalogs complete with detailed descriptions are a great way to get all of your products in front of your customers. We can even mail your catalogs to your customers with our direct mailing services.

Whether you are a restaurant needing to list all of your delicious food items, or a salon and day spa offering a list of services, you need a menu to entice your customers. Full color menus filled with photos will motivate your customers to order a product or service. Menus can also be sent via direct mail and can be highly effective with the addition of a coupon.

When you have a loyal customer base that you want to stay engaged with, a printed newsletter is crucial. For example, a medical dermatologist regularly adds new services and technologies and needs a way to communicate this to their existing and future client base. A newsletter allows the specialists to sell new services while adding additional information that builds their brand and relationship as an expert.

At JET Advertising, we can help you determine the best marketing tools for your business.

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