Logo Design

A logo sets the tone for all of your marketing pieces - the anchor of your company's image.

Most logos communicate ideas, for example the kind of quality services a company can provide for its customers. When creating a new brand identity, JET creates iconic logos in order to encompass your companies values and vision. If you combine a great logo with the right tagline, well then you are really onto something.

A picture says a thousand words and so do logos!
At JET Advertising, we will provide you with multiple logo design concepts and work with you to create the perfect logo. Our talented graphic designers have created hundreds of memorable logos over the years. JET logos are sure to make an impact on customers, ensuring they'll remember your company and come back for a second visit. As an advertising agency, we fully understand the value of a well designed logo.

A great logo design should:

  • Reflect the nature of your business
  • Be legible whether small or large
  • Look sharp in black/white or full color
  • Be able to function as one color without the use of gradients
JET Advertising can create the perfect logo for your business.