Direct Mail & Postcards

Design, Print and Send... JET Advertising can make it that easy for you!

Mailing List
Direct mail marketing is a great way to make sure that a high percentage of the people you want to reach in a given market will see your message. Through the buying of specially targeted demographic direct mail lists, you can really zero in on your audience. After you identify and target your customers, you then need to contact and engage them. If done right, your direct mail piece can stand out from all the other pieces of mail.

Direct Mail Pricing
Factors such as the size of the piece, use of an envelope, group options and even some out-of-the-box methods can all effect the response rate. When doing direct mail, optimizing the cost and the reach is critical. EDDM programs, magazine offered programs, group programs such as Valpak and MoneyMailer all offer different cost options to fit your budget and your needs. At JET Advertising, we have vast experience in all forms of direct mail marketing and can help you choose what programs are best for you or your company. Then, we can design the perfect direct mail piece to attract the best results.

Postcards, Letters and Newsletters
JET Advertising can design and layout postcards/letters to target new or existing customers. With variable printing, we can personalize your message and increase conversion rates. We also create monthly and quarterly newsletters for our clients. Whether it's a single-page or multi-page, 4/color or b/w going to one hundred or one million people, JET is your direct mail source.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
Fill your towns mailbox with your message and advertising. With EDDM, your company will save hundreds on mailing costs with a new program designed by the USPS®.

JET can take any project from design to the door, start now!