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Google’s Most Recent Algorithm Update

In November, Google made a “routine update” to its algorithm causing some businesses to see a drop in traffic from Google.

What does that mean for your Bloomingdale business?

SEO Methods

In October, Google started rolling out an update known as bidirection encoder representations from transformers (BERT), which aims to increase the power of relevant content while decreasing the influence of keywords as it learns to discern intent through natural language and phrases.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on things such as keywords to show Google that the content might be a good solution for a reader. Create the most relevant content for your audience, rather than forcing keywords in to increase search results. Quality content will generate traffic and tell Google to consider you a leader, causing them to rank your content higher on search results pages. JET Advertising can help your business improve keyword saturation and relevance on your website with an SEO plan.

The positive news is that there are things you can do to make sure your content continues to reach your audience and avoid losing business. For your Bloomingdale business, this includes increasing your site speed to create the best experience for your audience. There are a variety of other optimization methods as well. Consider adding other channels to your search engine marketing strategy.

Looking to improve your SEO with a Search Engine Optimization plan? Contact JET Advertising today!

JET Advertising specializes in internet marketing using Search Engine Optimization, keyword research, and more. If you have questions about your search engine marketing strategy or want to have our team of professionals see how we can help build your business through SEO call 630-782-8100 or contact us.

Posted January 3, 2020