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Conversion Tracking

Conversion TrackingAdvertising with Google Ads is one of the most effective marketing strategies any business can put in place because of its flexible budgets and reliable source of leads. However, your Google Ads campaign is only as effective as your conversion tracking. At JET Advertising, we have a digital marketing team certified in Google Ads that knows exactly how to manage your campaign for optimal results and document the exact amount of purchases, sign ups, form submissions, and calls your campaign has.

What is Conversion Tracking?

When JET Advertising designs and builds a comprehensive landing page for your Google Ads campaign, we install what is called a tracking pixel. This pixel places cookies on the browsers of people who visit your landing page and monitors what actions they take while viewing your site. The tracking pixel monitors whether a user buys one of your products, submits a form to request a service, signs up for an emailing list, and many other goals that you may have for this marketing strategy. Additionally, the pixel will track the conversion of one of these goals even if the user leaves your landing page only to return at some later time and convert. Setting up conversion tracking is essential to your Google Ads campaign because it allows you to see the results that this marketing strategy has and the actual number of leads you are receiving from advertising.

How Do You Set up Conversion Tracking?

Setting up a conversion tracking code can be complicated if you are not familiar with the process. However, JET Advertising manages Google Ads and creates landing pages entirely in-house. The digital marketing team starts by reviewing the goals of our client’s campaign on Google Ads and set the metrics for our tracking pixel. This may be for sales, app installations, phone calls, or other. From there, we download the conversion tracking tag so that our webmaster can add the code into the landing page. Voila! The conversion tracking is then set up and unique to the client’s landing page so that we can monitor how well the Google Ads campaign is performing and how many conversions it receives.

What are the Benefits of Conversion Tracking?

If you don’t know how many leads you’re getting from your Google Ads campaign, is spending the money really worth it? Of course not! That’s why it is extremely important to add conversion tracking to your Google Ads landing page. By adding the tracking pixel, JET Advertising is able to accurately analyze how well this marketing strategy is performing. Furthermore, when the Google Ads campaign is not receiving as many conversions as it should be, we know how to properly adjust the images or text on the landing page, the ads themselves, as well as the keywords we are using to target customers.

Trying to remember all the minute details of advertising on Google can be difficult. Fortunately, JET Advertising’s Google certified digital marketing team can make the process smooth and simple for your business. Call us today to set up a consultation and see the benefits of conversion tracking on your Google Ads landing page.

Posted March 18, 2019