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JET Advertising is a Top 20 Advertising Agency in Chicago

Top 20 Advertising Agency in ChicagoContrary to what you may think, we didn’t give ourselves this accolade! 

Expertise is a company which ranks businesses all over America and categorizes them for optimal use by consumers. In this particular study, Expertise wanted to find the best advertising agencies in Chicago. In order to truly build a list of the best of the best, Expertise followed 3 steps that led to creating the Top 20:

1. Gather information on every advertising agency in the Chicagoland area. They came up with 674 agencies.
2. Identify and disqualify any company with a history of dissatisfied customers based on reviews or online information. This narrowed the field down to 412 agencies.
3. In-house software judges each advertising agency based off of reputation, credibility, experience, availability, and professionalism. Once the software is complete, Expertise representatives personally review the final candidates and rank them into the top 20.

And what would you know, JET Advertising made the list! We were built on a strong foundation of integrity. We always look to give our clients the best with fair and honest pricing, high quality work, and outstanding customer service. Because of our dedication to building a reputation off these qualities, we have earned 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google, and Yelp. After reviewing our personal qualities as well as happy customer reviews, Expertise gave JET a spot on their top 20 list. To see what Expertise had to say about us, check out their list of the top 20 advertising agencies in Chicago.

Based off of our outstanding reviews, JET Advertising is sure to please with your next project. Our expert graphic designers have years of experience creating phenomenal concepts for your print ads, e-blasts, signage and more. In addition, our marketing associates are skilled in creating effective campaigns in many areas such as internet marketing, direct mail, and radio/TV ads.

Whatever the project, JET Advertising has the means to make it a reality. Schedule an appointment today and find out how we can boost your business!

Posted April 28, 2017