Google’s Most Recent Algorithm Update

Posted January 3, 2020
In November, Google made a “routine update” to its algorithm causing some businesses to see a drop in traffic from Google. What does that mean for your Bloomingdale business? In October, Google started rolling out an update known as bidirection encoder representations from transformers (BERT), which aims to increase the power of relevant content while decreasing the influence of keywords as it learns to discern intent through natural language and phrases. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on things …
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Get your Holiday Marketing Materials Ready!

Posted November 12, 2019
There are plenty of ways to incorporate the holidays into your marketing materials during this time of year. Whether it is sending a holiday card, hanging up promotional flyers, sending out a Holiday newsletter, and so many other great options. Now is the time to order and get everything lined up before it is too late and you are rushing to get all your last-minute holiday shopping and planning in. Holiday Cards Are you looking for …
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Don’t Fall Behind, Keep Your Business Website up to Date!

Posted November 1, 2019
Web Page Design Just like everything within our society, web page designs are always changing. It is very important to keep your business website up to date, this will help to keep people visiting your site. If your web page design is old and out dated you could easily be turning people away from visiting your website. Here are a few website developments to help you and your website succeed: Add your logo design to every …
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Making the Most of Your Social Media Marketing

Posted October 2, 2019
In January 2018 Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook announced major changes to the social media platform in an attempt to make platform interactions more meaningful by prioritizing posts from personal networks while showing less posts from businesses and media. This meant changes to what users see first and more often on their News Feed, while increasing the need for social media marketing agencies and businesses to develop relevant posts or risk losing engagement. By August …
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What is a CAPTCHA?

Posted September 6, 2019
Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart Website owners tend to use captchas on their website forms to help filter through quality leads while weeding out the robots and spam. Why Should You Update to reCAPTCHA v3 (version 3)? It is best practice to stay ahead of the curve and keep your forms working by updating to reCAPTCHA v3. This reCAPTCHA helps identify and filter out robots and spam including fake reviews, emails asking for banking information or …
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Posted August 17, 2019
Let’s Get Personal Enhance your customer’s experience with marketing personalization. Marketing personalization can get as elaborate as you want. Personalization takes time to study your audience to learn more about what makes them interested in your product. After gaining adequate data you have the tools you need to customize your messages to impact your audience. You now have the power at your fingertips. What are your next steps? Are you going to customize content they see …
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Social Media & Online Reputation Management

Posted August 3, 2019
How Are Your Business’s Online Reviews? Business reputations are important and so is taking the time to effectively manage them. JET Advertising’s team of experts has the strategies to maintain your online presence and help build your online reputation. Our Social Media Management (SMM) strategies include maintaining your reputation. We monitor reviews so you don’t have to as well as ensure your social media presence is effective and user-friendly. You are the professional in your field and …
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What an SSL Certificate Means to You

Posted July 6, 2019
Is Your Website Secure? When look at your website, is there a padlock in the left of your search bar? This padlock shows your website can be trusted and it is safe for customers to enter both their personal and payment information. This layer of protection protects private payment information such as usernames, passwords and other sensitive data entered into your website. What is an SSL Certificate? The S is not silent! The S means secure and is …
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JET is in Chicago’s Top 20 Ad Agencies

Posted July 2, 2019
JET Advertising has been awarded one of the top 20 advertising agencies in Chicago for the third year in a row! Nearly 700 Chicagoland advertising agencies were evaluated and JET Advertising secured a spot in the top 20 once again. Every year Expertise verifies the best companies across the United States. Expertise goes far above and beyond online ratings and testimonials to find and award the best of the best. Expertise analyzes and researches companies thoroughly …
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Setting up your business with Apple Maps

Posted June 1, 2019
Don’t Miss Business Opportunities When potential customers are searching for your business, are they finding your store information quickly and easily? One way to check and see if your shop is showing up in searches is to ask Siri. She pulls up the information through Apple Maps. This information is what gets customers directly to your door. How Does Apple Maps Know What to Display? Here is where critical business information is displayed. You, as the business …
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