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Google Ads COVID-19 Relief Credits

Posted June 24, 2020
Is Your Search Engine Marketing Campaign Benefiting? There is no doubt about it: we are living through unprecedented times. No one could have expected the many disparities that our families, friends, and businesses have had to face this year. While this year has had many drawbacks, we have also seen many positives. We have been able to spend more time with family, we have adopted flexible mindsets, and we have learned how to manage our businesses …
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JET Advertising's websites stand above the rest

Posted June 4, 2020
JET Advertising can help your business build a professional and secure web design programmed with striking and intuitive designs fit to both you and your customers. Our team of dedicated and certified web developers can build a custom website with effective and easy to use web design for small, medium, and large businesses. Our custom web design showcases your company’s products and services with eye catching and SEO-friendly content. We tie in your company’s brand …
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Is Your Website ADA Compliant? Learn Why it's so Important.

Posted June 1, 2020
Is Your Website ADA Compliant? Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that businesses must comply with accessibility requirements for people with disabilities. This also includes websites which need to be accessible to individuals with visual, hearing or physical disabilities. Compliance includes screen reader software for audio translation, Braille displays, keyboard navigation for people who cannot use a mouse, text captions for images which are compatible with screen readers and the …
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Small Business COVID-19 Relief Options

Posted May 3, 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a huge impact on our economy, and small businesses throughout the country have been hit hard during this pandemic. There have been a growing number of Coronavirus small business relief options that have been made available to combat COVID-19 Revenue impacts. Companies like Facebook, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and Google have all implemented programs to help small businesses affected by the coronavirus. Below are details about how you can pursue …
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3 Tips to Run an Effective Email Blast Campaign

Posted April 15, 2020
Provide Value It is important that you know your target audience prior to creating your content and know who you will be targeting in your email blast. With the large number of competitors out there it is crucial for you to try to stand out. You have very little time to catch someone’s eye so you want to make sure that you are putting out relevant and incentivizing content. For some customers, that means …
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2020 Best of Bloomingdale Award

Posted March 12, 2020
JET Wins Best of Bloomingdale Award for Best Marketing Service The Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce held their annual award ceremony for the Best of Bloomingdale on March 6th 2020. The winners of this award are voted as the best businesses, in their respective categories, in Bloomingdale. The Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce always does an amazing job of hosting this event as well as being a great resource for businesses throughout the town. This year 15 …
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5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Take Advantage of in 2020

Posted February 4, 2020
Using online marketing to communicate with your customers creates an opportunity to understand your audience, personalize your campaign, and build a long-lasting connection. Here are 5 digital marketing strategies to drive your Bloomingdale business forward this year: Out-Advertise Your Competition Making online marketing a priority will highlight your business in the market and get ahead of your competition. Utilize digital marketing by being intentional so that your message doesn’t get lost. Use short and sweet communication to …
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Google’s Most Recent Algorithm Update

Posted January 3, 2020
In November, Google made a “routine update” to its algorithm causing some businesses to see a drop in traffic from Google. What does that mean for your Bloomingdale business? In October, Google started rolling out an update known as bidirection encoder representations from transformers (BERT), which aims to increase the power of relevant content while decreasing the influence of keywords as it learns to discern intent through natural language and phrases. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on things …
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Curtis Digital is now part of JET Advertising!

Posted December 4, 2019
We are excited about this strategic business merger! JET Advertising Announces the Acquisition of Curtis DigitalJET Advertising is excited to announce the recent strategic acquisition of Curtis Digital, an experienced digital agency specializing in website and application design development and digital marketing services. The acquisition of Curtis Digital offers a growth opportunity for JET to enhance and expand our digital services for our clients, as well as expand our client base and the industries we serve. …
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Get your Holiday Marketing Materials Ready!

Posted November 12, 2019
There are plenty of ways to incorporate the holidays into your marketing materials during this time of year. Whether it is sending a holiday card, hanging up promotional flyers, sending out a Holiday newsletter, and so many other great options. Now is the time to order and get everything lined up before it is too late and you are rushing to get all your last-minute holiday shopping and planning in. Holiday Cards Are you looking for …
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