Why Keywords are Important for SEO

Posted March 5, 2019
Why Keywords are Important for SEO

If you are a company that sells party decorations but you don’t have the keyword “party decorations” listed anywhere on your website, there is no way for your customers or search engines to understand the purpose of your business. If someone is searching for party decorations and it does not appear anywhere on your website, Google will not populate your website onto search results pages because it will not see it as relevant to what the user is looking for. By incorporating keywords that effectively represent your business throughout your website, search engines are able to gain a better understanding of your purpose so that they can populate your website on search results pages.

Bloomingdale’s trusted ad agency JET Advertising understands the importance of using keywords that represent our client’s business throughout their website and landing pages. Because so many of our neighbors throughout Chicagoland have come to us looking for help to improve their page ranking on search engine results pages, we have developed an SEO (search engine optimization) plan. Our digital marketing team works closely with effective keywords that search engines can analyze and use to populate your website to people looking for businesses like yours within your SEO plan. As part of your SEO plan, JET Advertising executes the following steps:

  1. Kickoff meeting: before we start advertising for you, we know how important it is for us to first understand who you are as a company and what your goals are for this marketing effort
  2. Website analysis: after we have a better understanding of your business, we complete a site audit that analyzes areas of improvement for your website that can organically improve the SEO value
  3. Keyword research: we also begin researching effective keywords to incorporate into your website following the kickoff meeting so that we know what are relevant search terms that users are using to find businesses like yours, how often people are searching for these keywords, and the amount of competition your website may have from other online advertisers
  4. Keyword incorporation: once we know what are the best keywords to use to promote your business, we begin to implement them across your website in content, meta descriptions, image alt and title text, and more

By using relevant keywords across your website, search engines will get a better understanding of your business and give you a higher ranking on search results pages for relevancy to a user’s query. JET Advertising in Bloomingdale can improve your website’s page ranking with an SEO plan tailored to your business including keyword incorporation and much more.

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