Why SMM for Your Business Should Be A Top Priority

Posted September 21, 2020
Why SMM for Your Business Should Be A Top Priority

The importance of social media marketing is sometimes pushed under the rug for new or growing businesses. However, a solid digital marketing strategy and success go hand and hand. When it comes to this, it’s important to figure out what your business can ultimately get out of incorporating a digital plan. Although there are many advantages such as receiving more inbound traffic to your site, improving SEO rankings, getting higher conversion rates, gaining marketplace insights, etc., having end goals in mind and determining what’s best for your company is vital. However, plain and simple, there are 2 superior outcomes that will work for any business when it comes to digital marketing.

Enhanced Brand Loyalty

It’s shown through data that an estimated 62% of millennials are more faithful/express more brand loyalty when they communicate directly with a business on social media. This is important to note because they will make up a majority of the market in the near future. Since every business wants to develop and keep a loyal group of consumers, social media marketing is the best way to do just that. Not only this, but it’s important to humanize your business. What we mean by this is to establish a voice and address customers in a personalized way. Both of these components help create a connection with consumers and confirms that you care about them and appreciate their feedback.

Elevated Brand Awareness

Brand awareness and brand loyalty are basically two peas in a pod when it comes to marketing and creating a name for your business. By having a digital marketing strategy, your brand awareness can skyrocket by just having an active and responsive social media profile. It’s important to showcase your businesses content, products, services, etc. in a unique way and make sure you're reaching the right people. Target your audiences by implementing specific demographics, get coworkers or other business affiliations to share and like your page… not only will these efforts combined build you a consumer network at a base level, but will also give you the ability to reach many other marketing pools. It’s proven that about 90% of businesses who allocate time on a weekly basis to their social media marketing can expect to see a major boost in their overall exposure.

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