The New iOS 14 Update and Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Posted February 19, 2021

iOS 14 is the newest release of Apple’s iPhone software update, which is set to roll out in early 2021. JET Advertising is here to help you understand the new update and ways to best prepare for how your Facebook Ad campaigns may be effected by iOS 14’s new parameters around campaign setups, measurement, and targeting.

How Will The Update Affect Facebook Ad Campaign Settings?

To ensure your ad campaigns have uninterrupted delivery when the update rolls out, all website domains that are associated with your ad accounts within the Facebook Business Manager must be verified. Additionally, there will be a new limit of 8 pixel/custom events for each domain. These preferences can be managed within Facebook’s Events Manager within the business account.

Ways JET Prepared for These Changes:

At the beginning of the year, the JET team confirmed that all domains were verified for our clients currently engaged in social marketing campaigns. In addition, any JET websites were built utilizing Facebook Standard Events to minimize custom events.

How Will the Update Affect Campaign Measurement?

Perhaps the most significant change to come with the update is that 28-day click-through, 28-day view-through, and 7-day view-through attribution windows will no longer be supported. This means the new default will be 7-day click attribution.

JET’s Analysis of These Changes:

JET has spent time analyzing our clients’ conversions from day 8 through 28, and has found that the majority of the conversions are tracked during days 1 through 7. This means that tracked conversions may decrease slightly, but actual conversions should remain relatively consistent.

How Will the Update Affect Campaign Targeting?

As some people choose to opt out of tracking on iOS 14 devices, the size of your website custom audiences and retargeting audiences may decrease over time.

JET’s Plan for Your Campaign:

To help combat the decrease of custom audiences, JET may request client lists from your CRM (Custom Relationship Management system) to build lookalike audiences based on your best customers. In addition, if you have a prospecting list, we can upload it to Facebook to match the email addresses to people’s profiles. These lists need to be properly formatted, and Facebook will typically match around half of the list.

Although the above updates may seem daunting (especially based on Facebook’s response to them), you shouldn’t lose sleep over the update.

A Few Positives to Keep in Mind:

  • The most important factor to mention is that although 28-day view-through attribution windows will no longer be supported, as mentioned before the good news is that nearly 90% of leads usually happen in the first 7 days. This means that the new default 7-day click attribution will still result in nearly the same percentage of new leads for your business.
  • Although policies around attribution windows are changing, the attribution window data you have from before the iOS 14 update will still remain available.
  • Rumor has is that Facebook is already working on new systems to help mitigate the changes brought about from the updates, and the JET team is always on top of the latest updates to ensure that your advertising experience is as fruitful and lead-based as possible.

Systems are ever-changing, so this is simply the start of a new way of tracking data and developing ad strategy. As both consumers and digital marketers we need to be continuously adapting to an evolving digital marketplace.

As always, the JET team is here to continue to deliver optimal marketing strategies and take your business to new heights.