Setting up your business with Apple Maps

Posted June 1, 2019
Setting up your business with Apple Maps

Don’t Miss Business Opportunities

When potential customers are searching for your business, are they finding your store information quickly and easily? One way to check and see if your shop is showing up in searches is to ask Siri. She pulls up the information through Apple Maps. This information is what gets customers directly to your door.

How Does Apple Maps Know What to Display?

Here is where critical business information is displayed. You, as the business owner, have control of what data is visible to people searching for your company. This business profile can include your website URL, Facebook, Twitter and Yelp pages. You also have the ability to add and edit your businesses information such as your business category, business address and map. Being up to date with Apple Maps allows your businesses to increase online exposure in your service area. When people search for your business, this accurate, easy-to-access contact information encourages people to use your business.

How to Set Up Your Business with Apple Maps

Apps Connect
  1. Sign into Maps Connect
  2. Enter Apple ID
  3. Claim or add a place of business
  4. Add your business information
  5. Apple will verify and confirm your business
  6. You will receive a notification verifying your business

After you confirm ownership and add the information you want displayed, then it will be reviewed and approved. After approval your business will appear in Apple Maps increasing your web presence and generating you more leads. Don’t forget to ask Siri to see how your business is being displayed to the world!

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