Increase your SEO and Conversions with Engaging Video Marketing

Posted August 1, 2020
Increase your SEO and Conversions with Engaging Video Marketing

Video marketing certainly isn’t a new phase of marketing but will likely remain of the most effective marketing tools your business can use. Videos can be useful on your website to show off new products, an easy demonstration of how to use your product, a fun message about your team, or even just as a quick update. If your website includes engaging video content, according to Google’s algorithm, a viewer is 50 times more likely to be directed to your site! People find videos with engaging content more attractive than just simple text, so using these videos can increase website traffic. Not only does your website earn more positive results but, your company’s social media marketing can see an increase in followers and likes with the introduction of videos.

Improve Your Website Conversions

72% of businesses say that video marketing has improved their conversion rate on their website. 52% of consumers say that watching a video of a product demonstration enables more confidence in the product, and that these videos influence their purchase decisions. Engaging video content helps guide users further towards purchasing your product. Add an additional boost to your SEO by adding transcription to your videos. Not only will this follow with ADA compliance but adding text to your videos improves your Google search ranking, which will cause more people to click on your site and increase website traffic.

Improve Your Social Media Page

Video marketing can also help improve your company’s social media marketing. Live videos on Facebook can show real time events, community outreach, or product demonstrations to give your viewers an inside look of your company. Live videos of company events show your level of involvement with your customers and your community. By highlighting these events with videos, it can improve attendance at future events as well.

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