Image Extensions for Google Ads: What you Need to Know

Posted August 12, 2021
Image Extensions for Google Ads: What you Need to Know

Image extensions are an exciting and new feature available for advertisers running Google search ads. Google extensions are a great way to enhance your ads and provide additional, relevant information to users.

Image extensions allow advertisers to add visuals to their search ads to provide users with a more eye-catching experience. Image extensions will not show up every time a consumer searches for a keyword, but advertisers can expect to see a potential increase in performance as many users are driven to visual elements when the extensions do appear.

Google reports that on average, there is a 10-15% CTR (click-thru-rate) uplift that comes from incorporating ad extensions in advertising accounts. Including image extensions in your search ads could likely make an impact on your overall ad performance statistics.

See an example of an image extension below:

Google Screenshot of image extension of headphones where the google search bar reads noise cancelling headphones


Here are Some Best Practices for Utilizing Image Extensions

  • Create the right image extension based on your account structure, You can create image extensions at the ad group level or at the campaign level.
    • Image extensions at the campaign level provide faster implementation, but should also be relevant to the overall campaign instead of specifics.
    • Including an image extension at the ad group level provides strict relevance to the content, keywords, and focus within that group.
  • Add 3 unique images to the extension using the different sizes/ratios required by Google
    • Implementing at least 2 unique images per extension is recommended. This allows you to test different images to see which images and sizes perform better
  • Use relevant imagery
    • Just as your headlines and descriptions need to be relevant to your keywords, so do your images. This provides a better experience for your users and resonates with your ad’s focus.

JET recommends implementing ad extensions as soon as they become available within your ad account to give your ads engaging visuals and help them stand out against the competition. If you’re interested in boosting your business with a robust Google Ads campaign, JET’s digital account team has years of experience in creating and managing successful accounts. Call 630-782-8100 to learn more and get started.