Google’s Match Type Update - What You Need to Know

Posted April 6, 2021
Magnifying Glass on Keyword Representing Online Search

Google recently announced that in early 2021, they will begin to roll out changes to keyword match types in an effort to make it “easier for businesses to reach customers through Google advertising”. In an effort to simplify keyword match types and give advertisers more control and better reach, Google will be combining Broad Match Modifier match types into Phrase Match.

Before we dive into more detail surrounding the updates, let’s review the match type basics.

Google Match Types 101

Currently, you’re able to reach consumers with the below match types listed in order by most specific to broad:

  • [Exact Match] for precise targeting
  • “Phrase Match” for moderate matching
  • +Broad +Match +Modifiers for more diversified targeting
  • Broad Match for loose matching

Starting in early March, Phrase Match keywords will begin to target similar searches as Broad Match Modifier keywords. As a result, Phrase Match will expand to cover additional Broad Match Modifier traffic. With this update, you’ll be able to reach the consumers you want simply by using Phrase Match. What this means is we can see an increase in traffic on any Phrase Match keywords, and a slight decrease in traffic on any BMM keywords.

Google’s plan is for Phrase Matches to fully absorb Broad Match Modifiers by July 2021. Broad Match Modifiers will continue to work indefinitely, but new keywords within campaigns will need to utilize Phrase Match. Therefore, it’s recommended to only create Phrase Match keywords going forward.


JET’s Plan of Action for Your Campaign

JET will continue regular monitoring of all keywords and match types within your ad campaign. No immediate action needs to be taken with your pre-existing Broad Match Modifiers, as Google doesn’t recommend changing match types until all the updates are fully rolled out in July. Once the updates are complete, the JET team will work promptly to ensure that your SEM campaign’s pre-existing keywords are fully optimized.

For any new keywords, JET will be utilizing only one of the three match types: Exact Match, Phrase Match, and Broad Match types within your campaign in preparation for July 2021.

JET strives to stay ahead of the curve with our targeted and specific strategies to give you the best results. We look forward to seeing how Google’s new updates can further optimize your SEM campaigns.