5 Digital Marketing Strategies to Take Advantage of in 2020

Posted February 4, 2020
Using online marketing to communicate with your customers creates an opportunity to understand your audience, personalize your campaign, and build a long-lasting connection.

Here are 5 digital marketing strategies to drive your Bloomingdale business forward this year:

  1. Out-Advertise Your Competition

    Making online marketing a priority will highlight your business in the market and get ahead of your competition.

    Utilize digital marketing by being intentional so that your message doesn’t get lost. Use short and sweet communication to share your unique value–proposition with your customers and build your own niche.

  2. Know Your Customer

    Give your call-to-action more power by using data to advertise directly to your target audience on social media and search engines.

    Understanding what messaging resonates best with your desired audience helps strategize meaningful messaging. Focus on your customer’s challenges, needs, and behaviors to customize specific campaigns.

  3. Solicit Online Reviews

    Word of mouth makes a difference!

    Since many consumers use peer reviews as a deciding factor of their buying decision, build trust by soliciting online reviews. Encourage your customer’s participation by asking them for feedback at the point when they are most likely to leave it.

  4. Identify (Local) Influencers

    Many businesses use influencers as a way to engage with online customers. Make the most of your immediate network by using your Bloomingdale business’s partners, customers, and employees as brand influencers. Find and recruit local champions for your product or service to build a connection with your audience and tell your story.

  5. Focus on the Positive

    Cut through the digital noise by creating authentic and memorable content that is shareable and grabs attention. Help customers share their experiences, connect with each other, and join in conversations while also helping them connect with your Bloomingdale business. You can also create a Facebook fan page or group to connect with your ideal customer and extend your reach.

    Another way to focus on the positive in your online marketing strategy is by getting involved in your community. Community involvement gives you a unique edge over your competition. Volunteering for local causes and being part of events builds trust and aligns your philanthropic work with your brand message. When people see your ads, they feel a bond and relationship to your business.

Get your message across in the most effective way possible this year by prioritizing your digital marketing goals.

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