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Steps to Installing a Secure Sockets Layer/SSL

Posted September 19, 2018
Security sockets layer (also known as SSL) is security protocol for links being communicated between your web server and browsers to ensure all data and communication stays encrypted. An SSL certificate is comprised of your domain name, company information, and expiration date. Whenever a web browser connects with an SSL secured website it will check whether the certificate is valid and if it fails it will inform the user of this. How do you install …
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Domain Name System/DNS

Posted September 3, 2018
Your domain name system is one of the most important factors to contribute to your virtual presence. Without a DNS, your computer, service, or resource will not register your website on the internet. This vital factor of internet protocol associates you with various entities to assure you that your brand or service is being located and identified. JET Advertising can help your business designate a domain name and set up its functionality to be as …
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How to Get Google Reviews

Posted August 15, 2018
Google is often a focal point for the consumer and business relationship. It is the go-to for all of a customer’s needs. From research to store hours to phone numbers and location, it is an endless database that can help us find anything we could possibly imagine. The search engine has also implemented its own customer review feature, which makes it even simpler for consumers to compare businesses and make business recommendations to other individuals. …
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Why Your Website Should Be the Foundation of Your Marketing

Posted August 3, 2018
For new businesses, developing a strategic marketing plan to get your company up and running is essential. Knowing your target audience and budget is a preliminary determination, but the most important step to take in your marketing strategy is building a website. Phase I Marketing While social media and television commercials are top of mind forms of advertising in a marketing plan, website development is important for building credibility online and a starting point for your potential …
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Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary

Posted August 1, 2018
This August 2018 isn’t an ordinary month for JET Advertising. Our company is celebrating our ten year anniversary, marking a notable and very special occasion for us! What started out as a small advertising agency in Villa Park has grown to a top rated ad agency of 15 employees in Bloomingdale.Over the years, our business has moved locations, but we have always remained dedicated to being a trusted marketing partner for remarkable local and national …
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Brand Through Social Media

Posted July 20, 2018
As we live in an increasingly digital age, it is vital that your business is active on social media. Every social platform has one goal: increasing your brand presence. But, it is important to know which particular social media network will actively support your marketing needs and reach your target audience. JET Advertising can help you choose and manage the right social media for your business. Which Social Network Suits You? Although, social media …
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Get “Google Guaranteed”

Posted July 6, 2018
Brand credibility is one of the most vital aspects to building a solid reputation of your company. Your clients will find peace of mind knowing that you are a trustworthy and dependable business. Google Guarantee will help you establish this brand credibility and achieve a well-respected image. JET Advertising can help your business get the validity it deserves. Benefits of being Verified by Google Being “Google Guaranteed” entitles your business to many benefits. Here …
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How to Make Your Signage Effective

Posted June 21, 2018
How to Make Your Signage Effective Signage plays a vital role in the branding aspect of your company. This is the first thing interested clients notice about your business and how they will recognize you at a later time. This being said, it is extremely important that your business has signs and displays that are as effective as possible. Here are a few actions JET Advertising will assure you when creating your signage. Simplicity is …
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Benefits of A Functional Landing Page

Posted June 5, 2018
Most businesses do not realize the importance of an appealing and fully functional landing page. This aspect of website development is vital to the growth of your business. A landing page can drive interested visitors to your website with a call to action, which can convert possible leads. JET Advertising specializes in web design services such as landing pages, in order to help boost your business. Branding to Target Audiences A landing page can cater the direct …
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Google Security Update

Posted May 25, 2018
Beginning in July, Google Chrome will be updating their criteria for what is considered a secure website. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, visitors will see an error warning alerting them that your website is not secure. If you’re asking yourself: What is an SSL certificate? Does my website have an SSL certificate? How do I get an SSL certificate? Is my website secure? You’re not alone! See below for a few fast facts about the …
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