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Brand Through Social Media

Posted July 20, 2018
As we live in an increasingly digital age, it is vital that your business is active on social media. Every social platform has one goal: increasing your brand presence. But, it is important to know which particular social media network will actively support your marketing needs and reach your target audience. JET Advertising can help you choose and manage the right social media for your business. Which Social Network Suits You? Although, social media …
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Get “Google Guaranteed”

Posted July 6, 2018
Brand credibility is one of the most vital aspects to building a solid reputation of your company. Your clients will find peace of mind knowing that you are a trustworthy and dependable business. Google Guarantee will help you establish this brand credibility and achieve a well-respected image. JET Advertising can help your business get the validity it deserves. Benefits of being Verified by Google Being “Google Guaranteed” entitles your business to many benefits. Here …
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How to Make Your Signage Effective

Posted June 21, 2018
How to Make Your Signage Effective Signage plays a vital role in the branding aspect of your company. This is the first thing interested clients notice about your business and how they will recognize you at a later time. This being said, it is extremely important that your business has signs and displays that are as effective as possible. Here are a few actions JET Advertising will assure you when creating your signage. Simplicity is …
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Benefits of A Functional Landing Page

Posted June 5, 2018
Most businesses do not realize the importance of an appealing and fully functional landing page. This aspect of website development is vital to the growth of your business. A landing page can drive interested visitors to your website with a call to action, which can convert possible leads. JET Advertising specializes in web design services such as landing pages, in order to help boost your business. Branding to Target Audiences A landing page can cater the direct …
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Google Security Update

Posted May 25, 2018
Beginning in July, Google Chrome will be updating their criteria for what is considered a secure website. If your website does not have an SSL certificate, visitors will see an error warning alerting them that your website is not secure. If you’re asking yourself: What is an SSL certificate? Does my website have an SSL certificate? How do I get an SSL certificate? Is my website secure? You’re not alone! See below for a few fast facts about the …
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How to Choose a Domain Name

Posted April 12, 2018
You’re all set to design a website with the best ad agency in Chicagoland, but there’s just one small problem. How do you decide on a perfect domain name that reflects your business while making it easy for customers to find you?First of all, what is a domain name? A domain name is the name of your website! At JET Advertising, our domain name is “jetadv” so when our clients search for us they type …
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How to Choose a Marketing Demographic

Posted March 7, 2018
One of the very first steps to consider before you start any advertising efforts is knowing who you are marketing to. Having an idea of your current demographic and knowing your desired target audience are key factors in developing a detailed marketing plan.Current Customer BaseWho are your current customers? For many small businesses, you may be able to list off a variety of people by name. But for marketing, look at specific categories that many …
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Increase Organic Traffic in 3 Steps

Posted February 17, 2018
One thing that JET Advertising frequently gets asked is how to increase organic traffic to websites. As website development and maintenance is one of our areas of expertise, we know that there are a variety of methods in which companies can organically improve their website’s SEO.  Incorporate KeywordsThe best way to increase organic traffic through search engine optimization is by incorporating keywords into website content. For example, a company that sells pancake mix would want …
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How to Use Videos for Advertising

Posted February 2, 2018
One of the most popular forms of advertising that will continue to be used for years to come is video advertisement. Starting with the creation of TV and advancing to social media platforms, these ads are so versatile that they can fit the needs and goals of basically every business. Check out these 3 great ways to incorporate video advertising into your marketing plan.1. Facebook Video AdsInstream Facebook video ads are the most recent video …
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What is the Website Development Process?

Posted January 18, 2018
When it comes to creating a website, there are several steps that some may not realize are a poart of the process. For a streamlined website development process, here are the actions that JET takes to bring you the best website for your business.1. Identify Company NeedsDepending on your company’s needs and budget, we consult with you to identify the goals and outcomes of your website development. 2. DesignOnce understanding the needs, JET creates a design …
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