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JET Advertising is a Top 20 Advertising Agency in Chicago

Posted April 28, 2017
Contrary to what you may think, we didn’t give ourselves this accolade! Expertise is a company which ranks businesses all over America and categorizes them for optimal use by consumers. In this particular study, Expertise wanted to find the best advertising agencies in Chicago. In order to truly build a list of the best of the best, Expertise followed 3 steps that led to creating the Top 20:1. Gather information on every advertising agency in the …
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Mobile Geo-Tracking

Posted April 17, 2017
How amazing would it be if you could draw the attention of potential customers near your business via advertising on their favorite apps? If only… Oh wait! Advertisers have quickly come up with the solution with geo-targeting on mobile apps. What is geo-targeting?To put it simply, geo-targeting is advertising to a user based on their location whether through an app or website browser. Also known as geo-fencing, geo-location, and more commonly mobile advertising.How does mobile geo-targeting …
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LinkedIn for Lead Generation

Posted April 4, 2017
Social media has quickly become a popular method for companies to connect with potential customers. While Facebook has been the predominant leader in this arena, LinkedIn has become increasingly advantageous to people and companies to boost lead generation. This is especially true when it comes to B2B marketing. As your local advertising agency, JET Advertising has years of experience using social media for lead generation, and LinkedIn is just one of our areas of expertise. Here …
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B2B Marketing Strategies

Posted March 17, 2017
Advertising and marketing are essential methods to grow your business. If your target market includes other businesses, commonly referred to as B2B marketing, you may need to consider a different strategy than marketing to consumers, or B2C.With that said, B2B marketing can actually utilize some of the same tools as B2C marketing:• Email Marketing – Generally, open rates and click rates of B2B emails are higher than B2C. You still need to implement a compelling …
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Posted March 3, 2017
You’ve already spent a considerable amount of time driving traffic to your website. How do you get them to convert? A remarketing campaign may be the key!What is remarketing?Once a consumer has visited your website, a remarketing campaign can display your company’s ads on other websites that they visit while online. These ads keep your company at the forefront of consumers’ minds and continue to encourage them to buy your products or services.How can remarketing …
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Don't steal that image!

Posted February 16, 2017
When it comes to using images throughout your social media platforms, website and blog, it is extremely important to know what you can and can’t use. The digital marketing team at JET Advertising wants to give you more information regarding proper images to promote your business.Stealing photos is quickly becoming a major concern that many companies are getting in trouble for without even knowing. When it comes to using images found online, companies need to …
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Is Valentine's Day Advertising Effective?

Posted February 1, 2017
Next to Thanksgiving and Christmas shopping, Valentine’s Day is the next important holiday where Americans tend to open their wallets. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your special someone you care by showering them with dinners and gifts. As expected, we tend to be heavily swayed by the advertisements we see telling us what to buy. From jewelry and clothing to fancy dining places and sweet treats to relaxing getaways and pampering services, many companies …
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The Importance of an SOM Plan

Posted January 18, 2017
In today’s digital world, your website is the business’ front door. That’s why many companies realize the importance of having a website that reflects their business’s assets. A modern website allows consumers to find a company’s products and services with ease from organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Research shows that consumers are more likely to purchase from a company with a relevant and informative website. Determining whether or not your website is doing the trick …
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3 Strategies for Advertising on a Budget

Posted January 2, 2017
Let’s be honest here: small businesses are the backbone of the United States. JET Advertising, as a small business ourselves, recognizes the importance to stick together and help each other reach our goals. Advertising is an essential way for small businesses to be successful. Here are three easy strategies for small businesses to advertise on a budget.1. Google Adwords – This advertising tool from Google is one of the best ways to get your business’ …
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How to Grant Access to Google Accounts

Posted December 27, 2016
JET Advertising offers the ability to monitor and analyze the online metrics of your business. It can be challenging to not only make the time for this on your own, but also to understand what it all means and how it affects your business and digital marketing.Below is a step-by-step tutorial to provide us the access so we can help.We will walk you through the steps to add a user to both your Google Analytics …
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