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What is a Custom Content Management System and Why is it Important?

Posted March 12, 2015
What is a CMS? A custom management system, or CMS, is a platform that companies use to manage their website. When you type in a URL ( you, as the customer, see the website also known as the "front end". The owner of the website is able to manage it, changing thinks likes images or content, through the CMS, also known as the "back end".A CMS can be very simple, or can be very complex depending …
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7 Mistakes Companies Make When Creating Their Website

Posted November 6, 2014
1. Creating a Non-Responsive Website A large portion of your traffic is coming from tablets and mobile devices. If your website is not properly set up for this traffic, you may be losing business. 2. A Missing “Call to Action” Users need to be guided into the next step. Make it easy by …
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5 Things Businesses Need to Know About PPC Campaigns

Posted October 30, 2014
By: Gina Young A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is an important part of any company's SEO strategy. It takes time, monitoring, knowledge, and effort to successfully run a campaign. Below are a few tips to help ensure a better ROI.1.     Focus on Conversions, Not Click RatesThe name of the game for a successful PPC campaign is conversions, not clicks. A big mistake companies often make is focusing on increasing the number of clicks they …
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5 Mistakes Companies Make with Social Media

Posted October 23, 2014
 By:Brittany MoranSocial media is something most companies know they should do, but may not know how to do properly. Some use internal employees to try to save money or time. The unfortunate thing is that all too often a lack of knowledge about properly engaging an audience online ends up costing companies opportunities and customers. Here are a few mistakes I see often in failed social media strategies. 1. A Social Media Ad Spend of $0How …
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What is Email Appending and How Can it Help Your Business?

Posted September 1, 2014
By: Jason Tipner An average printed mailing is expensive and hard to track ROI (return on investment). Postage alone costs $0.49 per mailing! Most printed material is simply thrown into the trash before even being read or opened. Alternatively an eblast’s effectiveness is very easy to track, and is a very affordable way to reach out to existing clients. In fact, eblasts can be as cheap as $0.01 per impression! With the stark price difference, email marketing is a very …
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How to Create an Awesome Eblast [Infographic]

Posted August 22, 2014
By: Brian Vicencio Lets face it, if done right, you get a lot of bang for your buck with email marketing. Unfortunately, too many companies litter inboxes with ineffective eblasts. Check out the infographic below to learn how to create an effective marketing campaign and increase your ROI.  Four additional things to keep in mind when creating the eblast are:Design Message Landing Page TimingStill need a little help? Call JET and lets find out how we can get your …
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Email Rules

Posted June 26, 2014
I was recently the victim of an e-blast gone horribly wrong. The company, which I will not name, sent out a nice looking e-mail. Unfortunately they included the whole distribution list in the address line. What this did is caused any reply to the e-mail to be sent to the whole list that received the initial e-blast. I received tons of complaints from people asking what was going on and requesting to be removed from …
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Image Isn't Everything, But It Is Important For Marketing

Posted March 12, 2014
Think about how much time and effort you put into your own looks. Hair, clothes, make-up, nails, shoes, and even wearing a smile all have a part in making yourself look the way you want to. Now ask yourself why you take the effort to wear the right outfit, or fix your hair. It doesn't change who you are. But it plays an important role. Just think of how well an important meeting would go …
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Responsive Web Design is.... Responsive

Posted March 12, 2014
RWD is the new standard for modern website development. RWD stands for Responsive Website Design. The concept is simple: Create a site that scales down properly for all screen sizes. This alleviates the necessity of having to build different sites for your two largest audiences, namely computer users and mobile users. A responsive website tailors the information layout automatically for smaller laptop screens, pad, large cell phones and smaller smart phones, no separate site required. The design is fluid, shifting …
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Social Media Is A Good Addition

Posted June 8, 2009
The hottest buzzword in Marketing is social media. Everyone that is involved in marketing is talking about it, and trying to get their heads around what it is and how to use it to their advantage. What I think many companies are doing is forgetting to ask themselves if they should be doing social media. The fact is that social media works, but only when done properly. And what's more important is that it is …
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