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How to Maximize Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Posted October 20, 2016
Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a very effective strategy to reach out to a specific audience, drive traffic to your website and boost business. If the campaign isn’t constantly monitored and tested to maximize its effect, then the campaign cannot be used to its greatest ability. There are multiple changes that can (and should) be made to improve your pay-per-click campaign.To Maximize ImpressionsChoose the best keywords to represent your ad campaign. This will increase the quality …
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5 Actions to Take When Your Business Moves to a New Location

Posted October 2, 2016
JET Advertising recently moved to a new location. We are still getting all settled in, but figured now was the perfect time to share what we’ve learned about the moving process in 2016.Your business relies on its digital footprint more than ever so it’s imperative you cover all the bases during the moving process. Here are 5 actions to take when your business moves to a new location. 1.  MAILING ADDRESSContact USPS for an address change.  Yes, …
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Promotions Can Benefit All Businesses

Posted September 14, 2016
Sales drives revenue, which drives the business. Without it, we don’t have jobs. It’s a simple enough concept to understand, but how to succeed is the challenge. Whatever your business specializes in, generating new leads and growing existing clients is the key.  In order to get that traffic, many businesses will use a sales promotion compelling enough for that consumer to take action. Successful promotions will bring new customers in the door and keep returning customers …
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Proper Website Analytics Reporting

Posted September 2, 2016
As our digital-everything world keeps evolving, accurate website analytics and other proper online tracking is imperative.  How can you accurately gauge traffic for sales and marketing if the numbers aren’t legitimate?The biggest question you have to ask yourself is, “Who do you trust?”  JET Advertising has a team of digital marketing experts, but more importantly we base the bulk of our decision-making from Google Analytics. Google Analytics has been the standard for many years, and while …
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Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

Posted August 16, 2016
In our current digital marketing environment, collateral materials for your business can begin to seem less and less necessary. While many people are turning towards everything being electronic, social, and "in the cloud", there are still many reasons why businesses need specific branded printed collateral materials to connect to potential customers.Here are a few important ways in which business cards can still be extremely beneficial to the growth of your business and brand:• Printed business cards …
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White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat SEO

Posted August 2, 2016
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has become a common marketing strategy to drive traffic to a business’s website. Successful SEO tactics can encourage potential customers to learn more, or even purchase your company's products and services.SEO is the process of creating relevant text (including specific keywords and key phrases searched) onto a website in order to achieve a higher position on a search engine results page (SERP). Search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo …
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We're Gonna Need a Bigger JET!

Posted July 27, 2016
JET Advertising has Expanded to a Bigger & Better LocationWe are so excited to announce the brand new home of JET Advertising located in historic Old Town Bloomingdale. While our phone number and email addresses all remain the same, you can now find us just down the road at 128 Ridge Avenue Bloomingdale, IL 60108.As a full-service marketing agency, we love being an integral part of our client's success. Our sincerest thanks to all of …
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Search Engine Marketing Done Right

Posted July 14, 2016
Search engine marketing is the process of using keywords on a website or advertisement to get a better listing in search engine result pages by sites like Yahoo!, Bing, and Google. Often times, search engine marketing (SEM) is referred to as pay-per-click because advertisements will bid on the keywords that are most likely to get them the clicks. JET Advertising can create a strategic search engine marketing plan that will help your business stay competitive on …
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JET Wants to Send You to the Movies

Posted July 12, 2016
JET Advertising wants to give 8 lucky winners a pair of tickets to Hollywood Palms Cinema, Bar, & Eatery in Naperville!We are a local Chicagoland advertising agency and want to get the word out about the services we can provide. The marketing experts and graphic designers at JET help local businesses grow by creating new, mobile responsive websites, engaging Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social media campaigns, Google, Bing, and Yahoo pay-per-click advertising, and much more.Two …
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Strengthen Your Social Media Presence

Posted July 1, 2016
Social media isn’t just for keeping in touch with friends. Social media, notably Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram have become a great outlet for companies to attract more customers and boost their business. In the United States alone, nearly 80% of the population has some sort of social media profile. Is your company taking advantage of this rich marketing platform? As a business owner, it can be difficult to juggle the upkeep of your company while also keeping …
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