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The Importance of an SOM Plan

Posted January 18, 2017
In today’s digital world, your website is the business’ front door. That’s why many companies realize the importance of having a website that reflects their business’s assets. A modern website allows consumers to find a company’s products and services with ease from organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Research shows that consumers are more likely to purchase from a company with a relevant and informative website. Determining whether or not your website is doing the trick …
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3 Strategies for Advertising on a Budget

Posted January 2, 2017
Let’s be honest here: small businesses are the backbone of the United States. JET Advertising, as a small business ourselves, recognizes the importance to stick together and help each other reach our goals. Advertising is an essential way for small businesses to be successful. Here are three easy strategies for small businesses to advertise on a budget.1. Google Adwords – This advertising tool from Google is one of the best ways to get your business’ …
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How to Grant Access to Google Accounts

Posted December 27, 2016
JET Advertising offers the ability to monitor and analyze the online metrics of your business. It can be challenging to not only make the time for this on your own, but also to understand what it all means and how it affects your business and digital marketing.Below is a step-by-step tutorial to provide us the access so we can help.We will walk you through the steps to add a user to both your Google Analytics …
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How to Grant Social Media Access

Posted December 12, 2016
JET Advertising offers a variety of services to help you monitor the various aspects of promoting your business. It can be difficult to maintain a consistent social media presence while also trying to grow your business. We have created a step-by-step tutorial to let us take the reins and help you. Below, we will guide you through the steps that it takes to grant access to various social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and …
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Gingerbreads, Snickerdoodles and Computer Files

Posted December 1, 2016
Christmas is right around the corner and it is time to prepare the milk and cookies for Santa. He enjoys every type of cookie from gingerbreads to snickerdoodles, except if you left him a cookie from your computer!What is a cookie?In the Internet world, cookies are used to store data and information on both a website and a person’s computer for better tracking and locating information.Are cookies safe and secure?When many people first learn about …
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Online Shopping Essentials for Businesses

Posted November 17, 2016
Each year, Americans spend almost $100 million online during holiday season sales. Unfortunately, many businesses are not taking advantage of this valuable chunk of the market each year.One easy way businesses who have a large catalog of products can do this is to create an e-commerce section on their website. With an e-commerce website, your business can sell products online to a large audience of internet shoppers during the holidays. Having a secure website to …
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Reach Audiences with Direct Mail this Holiday

Posted November 1, 2016
Direct mail programs are still a relevant way to reach potential and returning customers. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day fast approaching, there are many advertising options available for businesses to get in touch with their customers.This Thanksgiving, consider pulling customers in with a direct mail flyer notifying them of a sales promotion in your store. Another option would be to send coupons to customers directly through the mail for products or services for …
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Internet Scams

Posted October 31, 2016
With the many privileges that come with enjoying the internet, there are also some dangers that some people are not aware of. From asking Google random questions to catching up with friends on Facebook, many people are oblivious to the internet scams that are taking place every single day.Here are a few scams that everyone should be aware of:• Lottery scams – emails saying that you’ve won (when you do not even remember entering) are …
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How to Maximize Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Posted October 20, 2016
Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a very effective strategy to reach out to a specific audience, drive traffic to your website and boost business. If the campaign isn’t constantly monitored and tested to maximize its effect, then the campaign cannot be used to its greatest ability. There are multiple changes that can (and should) be made to improve your pay-per-click campaign.To Maximize ImpressionsChoose the best keywords to represent your ad campaign. This will increase the quality …
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5 Actions to Take When Your Business Moves to a New Location

Posted October 2, 2016
JET Advertising recently moved to a new location. We are still getting all settled in, but figured now was the perfect time to share what we’ve learned about the moving process in 2016.Your business relies on its digital footprint more than ever so it’s imperative you cover all the bases during the moving process. Here are 5 actions to take when your business moves to a new location. 1.  MAILING ADDRESSContact USPS for an address change.  Yes, …
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